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download XJ8, XJR, XK8 & XKR The door windows are controlled by Driver Door Control Module (DDCM) with input from switches located on driver door armrests. When passenger windows are operated from driver door switches, the DDCM transmits a Standard Corporate Protocol (SCP) message to selected door control module. Pressing a passenger window switch inputs directly to selected door control module. Pressing rear portion of window switch will lower window, while pressing front of switch will raise window. One-touch open is a feature of the power window system. If a window switch is pressed for 50-250 milliseconds, the window will open fully. If switch is held longer than 250 milliseconds, window will stop at position it is in when switch is released. To protect power window motors, a thermal cut-out (circuit breaker) operates if system is overloaded. If circuit breaker is overheated, it will require about 5 seconds to reset before system will operate again. Window switch must be released to enable circuit breaker to reset.

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Hello, I’m 16, almost 17, and I have a 2000 jaguar xj8. I have just totaled this car (not my fault) and I am planning on receiving around $10,000 for it. The guy came out today. Now this is probably more of an adult car, but it was given to me by my family friend, who no longer needed it. It has bad problems but almost everything is new in it. It has had $15,000 worth of things fixed in the past 5 years and a new engine ands trans. I haven’t been too fond of it because of how expensive it is, so I have the choice to take the money and fix the car for around $3,500 and have the rest to paint it and customize it, or get a new car. What would you do? I was thinking of a Hyundai tiburon but I can’t decide to keep it or let it go. $6,000 to fix a jag up and make it amazing is tempting, but so is a tiburon.. Thanks

I may need to buy a “new” car in the coming months because my 1983 300SD has over 500,000 miles on it and may need to be retired soon. I have done some research and found that a 1998-2000 Jaguar XJ8 or a 2000-2004 Cadillac Deville, DHS, or DTS would be the best options. Don’t tell me to get a Civic or Corolla or something like that, because I drive far to work and need a comfortable ride. I also need a car with a lot of trunk and back seat space because I am a weekend/part-time musician who needs to haul my equipment to gigs. I don’t want a truck because they are uncomfortable. Which of the two cars listed would you get? Other than the stuff that requires computer diagnosing equipment, I would do most of my own work on it.

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