How to bypass the VATS system in a late model GM vehicle (PASSKey II)


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download Pontiac 1994-1996 Grand Prix 1992-1999 Bonneville 1993-2002 Firebird/Trans Am/Firehawk Buick 1994-1996 Regal 1992-1999 LeSabre 1991-1996 Park Avenue 1991-1996 Roadmaster Oldsmobile 1994-1997 Cutlass Supreme 1992-1999 Eighty Eight/LSS/Ninety Eight/Regency 1991-1996 Custom Cruiser Wagon Chevrolet 1995-1999 Monte Carlo 1995-2001 Lumina 1993-2002 Camaro 1986(?)-1996 Corvette (C4) Cadillac 1991-1996 Fleetwood 1992-1997(?) Seville/STS/DeVille Any other GM Autos with the VATS or PASSKey II system (If your ignition key seems to be like the one pictured below.) Alright, let’s begin the insanity: 1. Take your DMM, set it to measure Ohms (use the 20k setting.) Measure the resistance throughout the pellet of the ignition key. Place one probe on the silver a part of one side of the pellet, and the other probe on the other side. Write this worth down. 2. Purchase a resistor or resistors that add as much as the value measured in step 1. Radio Shack is a superb place to go for the resistors, warmth shrink tubing, and the “bullet-type” solderless connectors. 3. Take the sixteen ga. wire and cut into 2 four-inch pieces. 4. Strip off approx 1/sixteen″ of insulation off both sides of each wire pieces. 5. Put your resistors together in collection (or when you’re lucky and have a chip that has a resistance that matches a single resistor) and solder one wire to 1 finish of the resistor(s) and the other wire to the other side. Example: You measure 11.72 on the 20k (okay that means kilo or 1,000) scale.

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