Hyundai SPH-IV Automatic Transmission Fluid Manuals


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download Hyundai SPH-IV Automatic Transmission Fluid Software: 2010~ Tucson, 2010~ Santa Fe, 2011~ Sonata and 2011~ Azera with 6-velocity transmission. Always check the shop manual or owner’s guide for the advisable ATF. Options and Advantages • Provides improved shift efficiency • Provides corrosion, rust and put on safety • Reduces varnish and sludge construct-up Remarks • All lively dealers as of 12/eleven/2009 will mechanically be shipped and billed for 1 case of this product. • Particularly formulated to be used in certain Hyundai transmissions that require Hyundai Genuine SP-IV ATF. • This product is equal to Hyundai Genuine ATF SP-IV, SK ATF SP-IV, and MICHANG ATF SP-IV.

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Do I have options? I mean like I want to make the best or squeeze a little more power from an Automatic Tranny. Can you suggest for a better Automatic Transmission Fluid that should suit my 4G63 galant? Please post what brand and what type. Also, I saw several Automatic transmission fluid additives around, do you guys think they’re worth the price?Thanks

Hi I have a ford cougar 99 model. where can i find the dipstick to see the level of automatic transmission fluid?
And for the smart people as below…I know under the hood!!! But where?

Service station put automatic transmission fluid in my 5 speed manual S 10. It now won’t shift properly and I continue to drain and replace fluid and only shift good first few 100 miles, then bam, shifts real hard. Is is the fluid they used or just a bad clutch?

I have an 09 dodge challenger. In the manual it says you can use either power steering fluid, or automatic transmission fluid in the power steering reservoir. Can you mix automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid together? Does this do any harm? There doesn’t seem to be any answers on the forums.

What type of automatic transmission fluid does a 1995 Chevrolet Beretta use? Will DexMerc work okay?

The guy at Autozone said it was the same thing and recommended Coastal Automatic Transmission Fluid D/M. Is this the correct fluid to put in to my 2000 Toyota corolla?
Do you know that color the fluid should be? Does it matter?

I have heard that putting some automatic transmission fluid in a full tank of gas will help clean the valves, and fuel injectors. Does this work, or is it a bad idea. Don’t tell me what you think, just what you know from real life data. Thanks. :)

Can Automatic transmission fluid be used for power steering fluid?

Its for a 1991 toyota previa, asked the counter for power steering fluid and he gave me ATF.

Can Dexron III ATF be used in place of Power steering fluid?

what is the better transmission fluid for Honda City aside ATF-Z1, Is there any other brand for the replacement of ATF-Z1? Can any one or expert give me an advice regarding this matter? How about DEXRON III automatic transmission fluid, is it ok?

I have Googled, Binged, and Yahoo’d for this answer but my god search engines are useless anymore these days when trying to find exactly what you search for. Does anybody know where the automatic transmission fluid dipstick is for a ’99 Celica? Thanks!

i tried looking it up online and all i can find is automatic transmission fluid, so can someone help me?


I just got a letter from Valvoline. It said that it was time to replace my Automatic Transmission Fluid. I got this replace last year in January. I have drove about 8,000 miles since then. Is it really time to get this replaced? I want to make sure that Valvoline isnt try to trick me.According to all the papers that I got from the mechanic, last year was the 1st time that I got this replaced. I got my car back in August 06.
Thanks everyone for your help.

Hello, I was adding fluids to the car and checking the condition of the various fluids.

when i pulled out the automatic transmission fluid, it looked like a really darkish-red black color. It didn’t smell like burning.

is this ok, my car is a Camaro and it does have 103,000 miles?

I have a 1996 Corolla. How often should I change the Automatic transmission fluid? How often should I change the Power Steering fluid?

It is an automatic and the transmission fluid is low, just wondering what type of fluid do I need to replace it?

Need to add transmission fluid, extremely low, but I’ve been told I need a specific type?
Asking around, someone said any type of standard automatic transmission fluid will work, but I want to make sure.

Thanks ahead of time!

I have honda civic lx 2002 AT. I brought 3 quart of honda automatic transmission fluid. Today i went under the car and tried to find drain bolt under the transmission but couldn’t find one. All looked same to me.

Could anyone please explain me where is the transmission drain bolt located and how it looks?
Thanks all for your response.

Both can be use in power steering unit.

Prestone Power Steering Fluid and Castrol Automatic Transmission Fluid.

i got into a little fender bender the other day and now my automatic transmission fluid is leaking, and its pretty bad. its not a little drip by any means.
i have a 2003 ford escape, and im wondering what the cost of repair might be.

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