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2001 – 2003 Toyota Sienna M.I.L. ON” DTC P0420


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1999–2000 Toyota Sienna Power Procedure Sliding Door Diagnostic Manual


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2005 Toyota Truck Sienna Tire Monitor System – Information/Reinitialization


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download INFORMATION AND RE-INITIALIZATION Fashions ’04 – ’05 Highlander, RAV4, Sienna, & Solara, ’05 Scion tC October 7, 2004 TSB REVISION NOTICE : Earlier versions of this TSB needs to be discarded. Introduction This service bulletin provides the right procedures for regular upkeep re- initialization of the oblique Tire Stress Warning System (TPWS). When performing service that requires tire rotation or tire substitute, suspension part al…



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the cushion andseparate the cushion fromthe cover.B. Carefully cut the 12 tack pins.Do NOT cut the seat coverforming rod pockets.C. Remove the heating grid andwire harness Incoming search terms: firing order 2004 sienna,2004 toyota sienna firing order…

2007–2008 Toyota Tundra No Start DTC B2799 Manual


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download Some prospects might experience a crank and “No start” situation accompanied by immobiliser DTC B2799 and/or B2780, B2784, B2796, B2797, B279A. A production change has been made to the Transponder key ECU. Use the following restore procedure to deal with these buyer concerns. Repair Process 1. Verify that the automobile will crank however not start. 2. Perform Health examine and look for any immobiliser system DTCs. 3. If there are any…

2004 – 2006 Model Year Sienna Vehicles Equipped w/Power Back Door (Power Rear Liftgate)


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download As communicated in June, 2008, Toyota will initiate a Special Service Campaign (Recall) to replace the Power Rear Liftgate Struts and mounting brackets on certain 2004 through 2006 model year Sienna vehicles equipped with a Power Rear Liftgate. Vehicles with the Non-Power (manual) Rear Liftgate are not involved. This SSC will be launched in several phases. Phase 1 will involve approximately 10,000 vehicles nationwide. Background • To…



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download In some situations, prospects with 2004 mannequin yr Sienna autos may experience energy sliding door inoperative conditions. A new Energy Slide Door Motor, Middle Bracket No. 1, and Heart Hinge have been made accessible to reinforce the sturdiness of this system.1. Take away Slide Door Window Garnish. A. Completely open the slide door window. B. Take away the glass run. C. Utilizing a screwdriver, disengage the clip and take away the g…



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…ake away the 3 bolts. (b) Remove the filler hose cover. 10. REMOVE THE FUEL TANK ASSEMBLY (a) Disconnect the gasoline tank vent hose. 1. Push the connector into the canister to launch the lock tab. Incoming search terms: 2004 toyota sienna ce fuel filler system check valve…

2003 – 2004 Toyota Highlander, Matrix, Sienna Installation Instructions Manual PDF


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download This bulletin is to supply info referring to countermeasures to the A/C magnetic clutch relay for A/C mild flashing (inoperative A/C) points on some cars geared up with a magnetic clutch compressor.1. Find the A/C magnetic clutch relay. 2. Verify the half amount printed on the aspect of the relay. A. If the half quantity is 90987-02022, please trade the relay with the countermeasured relay P/N 90987-02028. B. If the half number does no…

2000 Toyota RAV4 DTCP 1130 A/F Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Mal-function


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download After confirming DTC P1130, use the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand−held tester to confirm voltage output of the A/F sensor (AFS B1 S1/02S B1 S1) from the CURRENT DATA. The A/F sensor’s output voltage and the short−term fuel trim value can be read using the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand−held tester. The ECM controls the voltage of the AF+ and AF- terminals of the ECM to the fixed voltage. Therefore, it is impossible to confirm the A/…