1997 dodge ram 1500 transmission removal

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2004 Dodge Truck RAM 1500 Manual Transmission/ Transaxle Removal Manual


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download REMOVAL 1. Disconnect battery negative cable. 2. Shift transmission into Neutral. 3. Remove shift boot bezel screws and slide boot upward on shift lever extension. 4. Remove shift lever extension from the shift tower and lever assembly. 5. Raise vehicle on hoist. 6. Remove skid plate, if equipped. 7. Drain lubricant if transmission will be disassembled for service. 8. Mark propeller shaft/shafts and companion flange yoke/yokes for inst…

1997-2000 dodge Automatic Transmission REMOVAL & INSTALLATION MANUAL


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download 3. Take away the skidplate(s) if fitted. 4. Remove the skidplate support crossmember, if fitted. 5. Take away any exhaust pipes and crossover pipes that might interfere with transmission removal. 6. Disconnect the fluid cooler lines on the transmission. 7. Remove the starter motor. 8. On Ram: remove the engine-to-transmission struts, if fitted. 9. On Dakota and Durango: 1. Support the engine with an appropriate jack gadget and wood blo…

1997 Dodge RAM 3500 Idle Speed Adjustments MANUAL


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download 1997 Dodge RAM 3500 Idle Speed Adjustments The excessive-velocity idle screw is manufacturing facility sealed and can’t be adjusted. Low-pace idle will be adjusted. 1. Use an optical tachometer reminiscent of Snap-on No. MT139 or MTE (Cummins instrument division) No. 3377462 to read the engine RPM. 2. Carry the engine to normal operating temperature. 3. Adjust the low idle pace on the low idle velocity screw. The screw and locknut are…