1997 toyota corolla 1 8 camshaft pulley bolt torque spec

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1993 Toyota Camry Timing Belt Installation


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download . INSTALL OIL PUMP PULLEY a. Align the cutouts of the pulley and shaft, and slide on the pulley. b. Utilizing SST, set up the nut. SST: 09616-30011 Torque: 26 N.m (290 kgf .cm, 21 ft. lbf) 2. INSTALL CRANKSHAFT TIMING PULLEY a. Align the timing pulley set key with the important thing groove of the pulley. b. Slide on the timing pulley, facing the flange facet inward. 3. INSTALL NO.2 IDLER PULLEY a. Set up the pulley with the bolt. Torq…



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download Utility Axle Housing Mounting Bolt Step 1 Step 2 Camshaft Loafer Pulley Bolt Camshaft Sprocket Bolt Camshaft Timing Chain Tensioner Bolt Widespread Chamber Duct Bolt Connecting Rod Nut Coolant Manifold Bolt Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Cylinder Head Bolt (1) M8 M11 DIS Module Meeting Bolt Engine Hanger Bolt Nut Engine-To-Transmission Bolt EGR Valve Bolt (Manifold Side) Exhaust Manifold Bolt Nut Exhaust Pipe Bolt & Nut Stud Nut Fan Pulley

1994 Toyota Camry DX CAMSHAFT Removal


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calposition. See Fig. 20 . This aids in exhaust camshaft removal by using camshaft lobes on cylinders No. 2and 4 to push on valve lifters. 3. Secure sub-gear to the main gear on exhaust camshaft with a 6 x 1.0 x 18 mm service bolt “B”. See Fig.22 . Before removing camshaft bearing cap bolts, ensure torsional spring force of sub-gear is secured byservice bolt “B” Remove bolts and rear camshaft bearing cap from exhaust camshaft. Remove bolts from N…