1997 toyota corolla tourqe spec camshaft pulley

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1994 Toyota Camry DX CAMSHAFT Removal


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download Remove timing belt and camshaft sprocket. See TIMING BELT under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION.Remove No. 3 timing belt cover. See Fig. 13 . Remove nuts, grommets, valve cover and gasket. Notelocation of grommets for reassembly.2. For servicing of exhaust camshaft, rotate intake camshaft so knock pin is 10-45 degrees from verticalposition. See Fig. 20 . This aids in exhaust camshaft removal by using camshaft lobes on cylinders No. 2and 4 t…

1993 Toyota Camry Timing Belt Installation


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download . INSTALL OIL PUMP PULLEY a. Align the cutouts of the pulley and shaft, and slide on the pulley. b. Utilizing SST, set up the nut. SST: 09616-30011 Torque: 26 N.m (290 kgf .cm, 21 ft. lbf) 2. INSTALL CRANKSHAFT TIMING PULLEY a. Align the timing pulley set key with the important thing groove of the pulley. b. Slide on the timing pulley, facing the flange facet inward. 3. INSTALL NO.2 IDLER PULLEY a. Set up the pulley with the bolt. Torq…

Repair manual Acura MDX 2002 Timing Belt


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download Notice: the next procedure is for installing a new timing belt. If you’re installing a used timing belt, consult with the subsequent procedure. New belt 1. Clear the timing belt pulleys, and the upper and decrease covers. 2. Set the timing belt drive pulley to high dead heart (tdc) by aligning the tdc mark (a) on the tooth of the timing belt drive pulley with the pointer (b) on the oil pump. 3. Set the camshaft pulleys to tdc by aligni…