2000 nissan maxima vacuum diagram

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2000 Honda Accord EX Coupe DTCs P0171 and/or P0172 REPAIR PROCEDURE


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download 1. Find and identify the three vacuum ports on the intake manifold.2. Disconnect and discard the vacuum hose that connects the gas pressure regulator to hoover port C. 3. Plug vacuum port C with the cap from the tube kit. 4. Substitute the fuel strain regulator. Refer to page 11-113 of the 1998-00 Accord Service Manual. 5. Install the new vacuum hose equipment using one of many following procedures. M/T WITH CRUISE CONTROL1. Take away…



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download 1. Disconnect vacuum hose at speed control servo and install a vacuum gauge into the disconnected hose. 2. Start engine and observe gauge at idle. Vacuum gauge should read at least ten inches of mercury. 3. If vacuum is less than ten inches of mercury, determine source of leak. Check vacuum line to engine for leaks. Also check actual engine intake manifold vacuum. If manifold vacuum does not meet this requirement, check for poor engine…

2000-2001Engine rough running Engine surging Low engine power Nissan Maxima


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…ppen, comply with the steps outlined in the Service Procedure on web page 2. Service Process Abstract: • Remove dust/grime/particles from inside the air cleaner housing. This will help prevent one other incident. • A new real Nissan air filter aspect should be used for all guarantee claims, and every other declare for which Nissan pays. A brand new real Nissan air filter component is designed to be suitable with the Nissan air movement meter and…