2000 toyota 4runner ignition switch diagram

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ce high tension wire. 5. Turn ignition on. Check for battery voltage at igniter and ignition coil positive terminal. If battery voltage exists, go to next step. If battery voltage does not exist, check wiring between ignition switch, ignition coil and igniter. See appropriate wiring diagram in L – WIRING DIAGRAMS article. 6. Check ignition coil resistance. See IGNITION COIL RESISTANCE under IGNITION CHECKS (DISTRIBUTOR TYPE IGNITION SYSTEM). If i…

2000-2001 Volkswagen Golf/GTI Emergency Light Switch (Hazard Switch) Replace Manual


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download Section a – emergency light switch replacement • switch off all electrical consumers and remove key from ignition switch ⇐ emergency light switch -3- is the center switch in the instrument panel • to remove emergency light switch, the esp or asr switch -2- must be removed, and to remove the esp or asr switch, the seat heater switch – 1- must be removed ⇐ if an esp or asr switch -2- is located next to the emergency light switch, go to s…

2000 Toyota 4RUNNER Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch ”A”Circuit Malfunction


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e of the malfunction. 1Connect OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held tester, read the throttle valveopening percentage. PREPARATION:(a) Connect the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand-held tes-ter to the DLC3.(b) Turn the ignition switch ON and push the OBD II scan toolor TOYOTA hand-held tester main switch ON.CHECK:Read the throttle valve opening percentage. Incoming search terms: DTC : sensor cyrcuit toyota 4runer…

2000 Toyota 4Runner Remote Controller Programming Keyless Entry


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download Keyless entry systems -2000 toyota 4runner 1. Insert the key into ignition switch, and turn it to “on. 2. Press and hold the ecu’s programming switch for over 2 seconds. See fig. 2 . The exterior lights turn on for 5 seconds. Note: 3. Press and release the remote control’s top or bottom button. See fig. 3 . The exterior (tail and marker) lights flash once, then turn off. 4. Turn off the ignition. The system will now operate with the re…

2000 Ford Truck Expedition 2WD Multifunction Switch Replacement


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download Record the radio stations and disconnect the battery ground cable.NOTE:Steps 2 and 3 do not apply to Villager. Go to Step 4.2.Turn the ignition switch lock cylinder to the RUN position. Then, push the ignition switch lock cylinder release tab with a punch while pulling outthe ignition switch lock cylinder.3.Remove the tilt wheel handle by turning the handle counterclockwise (if equipped).4.Remove the upper to lower steering column shro…

Service Procedure 2000-2002 Saab 9-3 (9400) 4D/5D; 2000-2003 Saab 9-3 (9400) CV


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download 1. Remove the ground cable from the battery’s negative terminal. 2. Apply the handbrake brake. 3. Detach the floor console. 4. Remove the switch and the floor console: 3.1. Twist loose the immobilizer unit (A), bayonet fitting. Unplug the unit’s connector. 3.2. Remove the ignition switch cover (B) by first undoing the rear edge of the cover and then unhooking the front edge. Unplug the ignition switch lighting connector. 3.3. Undo the…

1999–2000 Toyota Sienna Power Procedure Sliding Door Diagnostic Manual


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…ower to the sliding door system is cut, the power sliding door control system must be re–initialized. The re–initialization process must be done carefully and completely or the door may not operate properly. A. The main power switch (located on the left side of the steering column) must be in the “off” position (red line not showing on the switch button). B. Place the transmission selector in “park”. C. Make sure the right side sliding door is fu…

1997-2000 Toyota Camry And Avalon Turn Signal (Combination Switch)


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…scribed in CHASSIS ELECTRICAL . 2. Take away the steering wheel, as outlined in this section. 3. Remove the instrument lower finish panel (as required), air duct and upper and lower column covers.4. Disconnect the combination switch wiring. 5. On air bag equipped automobiles, disconnect the cable wiring, take away the spiral cable housing attaching screws and slide the cable meeting from the front of the mix switch. 6. Remove the screws that conn…

1996–2000 Toyota 4Runner Front Brake Vibration


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…rocedure. 5. Change the front brake pads. 6. Highway test. Introduction New Entrance Brake Pad Kits are available to cut back the possibility of entrance brake vibration. Relevant Automobiles S 1996 – 2000 mannequin 12 months 4Runner vehicles….

2000 Toyota RAV4 DTCP 1130 A/F Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Mal-function


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download After confirming DTC P1130, use the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand−held tester to confirm voltage output of the A/F sensor (AFS B1 S1/02S B1 S1) from the CURRENT DATA. The A/F sensor’s output voltage and the short−term fuel trim value can be read using the OBD II scan tool or TOYOTA hand−held tester. The ECM controls the voltage of the AF+ and AF- terminals of the ECM to the fixed voltage. Therefore, it is impossible to confirm the A/…