2001 kia rio diagram of coolant temperature sensor

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download 2002 – 2006 NISSAN ALTIMA POOR HEATER PERFORMANCE SERVICE PROCEDURE Coolant Mixture Inspection 1. Take a sample of coolant from the radiator and check the percentage of ethylene glycol. •Use “Refractometer” (J-23688)—engine coolant and battery tester (see page 4 for tool information). •The refractometer has the percentage of ethylene glycol written on the scale (see Figure 1). •Don’ t use the old style bulb and disc/ball type hydromete…

1998-2000 GMC CfK Pickup Steering Column Position Sensor


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column to the vehicle. Refer to Steering Column Replacement. 3. Enable the SIR system. Refer to SIR Disabling and Enabling Zone 3 in SIR. Steering Wheel Position Sensor Centering Removal Procedure Important: Identify the type of steering wheel position sensor from the illustrations below BEFORE removing the sensor from the steering column. Once you have identified the steering wheel position sensor, follow the instructions listed in the removal p…

1998 Saturn SL Engine Driveability Concerns/Cooling System DTC’s Set Manual


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mperature sensor and Elements Necessities for specific parts information. PROCEDURE 1. Disconnect engine coolant temperature sensor electrical connector and examine sensor and connector terminals for corrosion and/or evidence of engine coolant. ^ If terminals are corroded or if there’s proof of engine coolant proceed to step 4….