2001 kia rio diagram of coolant temperature sensor

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download 2002 – 2006 NISSAN ALTIMA POOR HEATER PERFORMANCE SERVICE PROCEDURE Coolant Mixture Inspection 1. Take a sample of coolant from the radiator and check the percentage of ethylene glycol. •Use “Refractometer” (J-23688)—engine coolant and battery tester (see page 4 for tool information). •The refractometer has the percentage of ethylene glycol written on the scale (see Figure 1). •Don’ t use the old style bulb and disc/ball type hydromete…

1998-2000 GMC CfK Pickup Steering Column Position Sensor


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column to the vehicle. Refer to Steering Column Replacement. 3. Enable the SIR system. Refer to SIR Disabling and Enabling Zone 3 in SIR. Steering Wheel Position Sensor Centering Removal Procedure Important: Identify the type of steering wheel position sensor from the illustrations below BEFORE removing the sensor from the steering column. Once you have identified the steering wheel position sensor, follow the instructions listed in the removal p…

1998 Saturn SL Engine Driveability Concerns/Cooling System DTC’s Set Manual


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mperature sensor and Elements Necessities for specific parts information. PROCEDURE 1. Disconnect engine coolant temperature sensor electrical connector and examine sensor and connector terminals for corrosion and/or evidence of engine coolant. ^ If terminals are corroded or if there’s proof of engine coolant proceed to step 4….

2001 Saab 9-3 L4-2.0L Turbo Service and Repair


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harger intake pipe. 6. Page 3 Cut the 2 cable ties securing the main engine cables. Relieve the strain on the belt tensioner with a ratchet handle and secure the belt tensioner with a 3.5 mm drill or similar. 7. Lift the belt off the power steering pump and coolant pump pulleys. 8. Remove the top engine cover. 9. Detach the crankcase ventilation pipe from the turbo inlet pipe and camshaft cover. Bend the pipe, to one side. Keep seals and washers…



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download Air Quality Sensor At heart front of engine compartment. Camshaft Place Sensor On rear of cylinder head. See Fig. 1 . Chassis Acceleration Sensor At right rear side of engine compartment. Crankshaft Place Sensor On left entrance facet of transaxle. See Fig. 1 . Engine Coolant Temperature On top rear of engine, close to thermostat. See Fig. 1 . Sensor Gas Tank Unit On high of gas tank, under rear seat cushion. Scorching Film Airflow Sen…

1999 Saturn SL1 Engine – Driveability Concerns/ Cooling System DTC’s Set MANUAL PDF


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download CATEGORY TYPE: Engine-03 CATEGORY: Emission Controls CORPORATION NO.: 01-06-04-005 SUBJECT: Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Related Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) and/or the Following Conditions: Arduous Start, Erratic Idle, Rough Running. Engine Overheating, Low and/or Leaking Coolant, and/or Service Engine Quickly Lamp Illuminated. (Substitute Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor with New Design Sensor- P/N 21025106) MODELS AFFECTED: 1991…



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download DESCRIPTION: On some automobiles the ambient temperature displayed on the climate controller may differ from the precise outdoors temperature by more than 5-10oF. An up to date ambient temperature sensor is accessible to enhance this condition. This TSB offers the process to put in the updated ambient temperature sensor positioned in entrance of the radiator/condenser. • Mannequin / Affected car manufacturing date vary: • Azera (TG): P…

Kia Sorento/ Kia Sedona Throttle Position Sensor W/3.5L Engine MANUAL PDF


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download Description This bulletin offers info related to the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for Sorento & Sedona models. Some Sorento & Sedona autos may exhibit diagnostic trouble codes P0121 and/or P1121. This condition mainly happens in high ambient or desert areas, and might be related to the occasional increase in touch resistance on account of excessive put on of the inside components of the TP sensor. This bulletin describes the…

1999 Chevrolet Tracker Sensor Circuit High Voltage DTC P0113 Intake Air Temperature (IAT)


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download 1 (obd) system check? — go to step 2 board diagnostic (obd) system check 2 1. Turn on the ignition, leaving the engine off. 2. Install a scan tool. 3. Observe the iat parameter on the scan tool data list. Is the iat display at or less than the specified value? -40°c (- 40°f) go to step 4 go to step 3 3 1. Turn on the ignition, leaving the engine off. 2. Use the scan tool clear information function. 3. Operate the vehicle within the fre…

1997 Toyota Tercel Inspection Procedure Engine Coolant Temp Circuit Malfunction


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ok, re- place engine coolant temp. Sensor ng 3 check for open in harness or ecm. On engine coolant temp. Sensor ecm 4 thw e6 9 e2 e6 e1 preparation: (a) remove the lower finish panel. (b) connect between terminals thw and e2 of ecm connec- tor. Hint: engine coolant temp. Sensor connector is disconnected. Before checking, do a visual and contact pressure check for the ecm connector (see page in-27 ). (c) turn ignition switch on. Check: read tempe…