camshaft torque bolts on a 98 ford contour

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1994 Toyota Camry DX CAMSHAFT Removal


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download Remove timing belt and camshaft sprocket. See TIMING BELT under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION.Remove No. 3 timing belt cover. See Fig. 13 . Remove nuts, grommets, valve cover and gasket. Notelocation of grommets for reassembly.2. For servicing of exhaust camshaft, rotate intake camshaft so knock pin is 10-45 degrees from verticalposition. See Fig. 20 . This aids in exhaust camshaft removal by using camshaft lobes on cylinders No. 2and 4 t…

1996 Ford Windstar Valve Tappet, Hydraulic Installation


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download NOTE: Before changing a valve tappet (6500) for noisy operation, be certain that the noise is just not brought on by improper valve-to-rocker arm clearance or by worn rocker arms (6564) or push rods (6565).Elimination 1. Disconnect ignition wires at the spark plugs (12405). To keep away from damaging ignition wires use Spark Plug Wire Remover T74P-6666-A. Confer with Section 03-07B. 2. Remove ignition wire separators (12297) from stud…

1996-98 Ford CONTOUR, TAURUS Engine – Mis-Marked Timing Marks On Camshaft


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download The timing arrows/flags on the back of the camshaft sprocket(s) are mis-marked by as much as 30 degrees rotation. The arrows or flags should not be used for engine service procedures, including timing diagnostics. The existing Service/Workshop Manual timing procedures are inaccurate. ACTION A timing check procedure has been developed, ignoring the arrows or flags on the rear side of the camshaft sprockets. Refer to the following Servic…