camshaft torque bolts on a 98 ford contour

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1994 Toyota Camry DX CAMSHAFT Removal


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download Remove timing belt and camshaft sprocket. See TIMING BELT under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION.Remove No. 3 timing belt cover. See Fig. 13 . Remove nuts, grommets, valve cover and gasket. Notelocation of grommets for reassembly.2. For servicing of exhaust camshaft, rotate intake camshaft so knock pin is 10-45 degrees from verticalposition. See Fig. 20 . This aids in exhaust camshaft removal by using camshaft lobes on cylinders No. 2and 4 t…

1996 Ford Windstar Valve Tappet, Hydraulic Installation


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download NOTE: Before changing a valve tappet (6500) for noisy operation, be certain that the noise is just not brought on by improper valve-to-rocker arm clearance or by worn rocker arms (6564) or push rods (6565).Elimination 1. Disconnect ignition wires at the spark plugs (12405). To keep away from damaging ignition wires use Spark Plug Wire Remover T74P-6666-A. Confer with Section 03-07B. 2. Remove ignition wire separators (12297) from stud…

1996-98 Ford CONTOUR, TAURUS Engine – Mis-Marked Timing Marks On Camshaft


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download The timing arrows/flags on the back of the camshaft sprocket(s) are mis-marked by as much as 30 degrees rotation. The arrows or flags should not be used for engine service procedures, including timing diagnostics. The existing Service/Workshop Manual timing procedures are inaccurate. ACTION A timing check procedure has been developed, ignoring the arrows or flags on the rear side of the camshaft sprockets. Refer to the following Servic…

1994 Ford Escort L4-110 Service and Repair


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download 1. Remove upper timing belt cover and gasket. 2. Loosen water pump pulley attaching bolts, then remove water pump and alternator accessory drive belt. 3. Remove water pump pulley, then raise and support vehicle. 4. Remove right wheel, then righthand upper and lower splash shields. 5. Remove A/C and power steering accessory drive belts. 6. Remove crankshaft pulley, crankshaft pulley guide plate and timing belt outer and inner guide plat…



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download This TSB article is being published to provide correct service procedure for setting up cam timing belt and tensioner, due to the procedure being inaccurate in the Workshop Manual. ACTION During a timing belt servicing, refer to the following Service Procedure for details. SERVICE PROCEDURE NOTE TO ACHIEVE PROPER TIMING BELT TENSION, THE CAMSHAFT SPROCKET BOLTS SHOULD BE LOOSENED ENOUGH TO PERMIT THE SPROCKETS TO TURN FREELY ON THE CAM…

1998 Ford Mustang Removal Water Pump


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download 1. Drain engine cooling system. Confer with Section 03-03. 2. Remove upper radiator sight protect (8C291). 3. Disconnect radiator overflow hose (8075) from radiator (8005). Remove bolts retaining coolant restoration reservoir (8A080) and bracket to radiator support. Disconnect coolant restoration reservoir from decrease locator and remove coolant restoration reservoir. 4. Remove cooling fan motor, fan blade (8600) and fan shroud (8146)…

BMW 318/325/M3/525/535/M5 1989-1993 Clutch Assembly REMOVAL & INSTALLATION


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download REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Raise and safely support the vehicle. Remove the heat shield and then the mounting bolts. Disconnect the speed and reference mark sensors at the flywheel housing. Mark the plugs for reinstallation. 2. Remove the transmission. 3. If equipped with a 265/6 transmission (without an integral clutch housing), remove the clutch housing. A Torx® socket is required. 4. Prevent…

Fiat 500: how to instal timing belt on 2012 fiat 500 1.4 e


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First – there are special engine locking / timing tools: Camshaft locking tools – Fiat No.1.860.985.000. Camshaft sprocket locking tool – Fiat No. Crankshaft locking tool – Fiat No. Tensioner pulley tool – Fiat No.1.860.987.000. Those are the FIAT ref numbers – you can though get them from good car tool shops / online etc – Removal Raise and support front of vehicle. Remove: Engine undershield. Steady bar between cro…

2001 Ford Truck Windstar Camshaft Synchronizer


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download REMOVAL 1. Rotate the crankshaft until the No.1 cylinder is at TDC of the compression stroke.CAUTION: ith Do not turn the crankshaft or the camshaft during the removal and installation procedure or the fuel system timing will be out of time wthe engine and possibly cause engine damage.2. Remove the Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor Remove the bolt.4. Remove the camshaft synchronizer.NOTE: The oil pump driveshaft might come out with the ca…

Ford Taurus 1993 to Camshaft Service And Repair


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download Note: This engine is a twin overhead cam motor with a single timing belt sprocket on each financial institution, the second camshaft is driven by a series below the valve cover of every cylinder head. For Service and Restore of the chain and tensioner, seek advice from Camshaft Service and Repair. See: Camshaft\Service and Repair 1. Disconnect battery cables. 2. Take away battery.3. Take away RH engine roll damper. 4. Disconnect wirin…