fuel line system diagram for a 1994 jeep wrangler

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2002 Chevrolet Monte Fuel Injector Installation Carlo Ss


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download Disposal (3.8l – vin k) 1. Fuel pressure release system. Check fuel system pressure release. Clean fuel line mounting and connections. Disconnect the fuel supply pipe and return pipe to the fuel line. See fuel disconnect fittings. 2. Disconnect the vacuum line from fuel pressure regulator. Remove the wires from the ignition coil. Disconnect electrical injection of 6 connectors. Remove the fuel line bolts. Remove the fuel line with the…

1994 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Filter Service and Repair Manuals


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download WARNING: The fuel system is under constant pressure, even when the engine is OFF. Always release fuel pressure before servicing any fuel system component. Fuel Filter And Shield REMOVAL 1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal, and remove the fuel tank cap. 2. Raise, and support the vehicle for access. 3. Remove the fuel filter shield. Remove fuel filter hoses and clamps from the inlet and outlet fuel lines. Remove the retaining str…

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Ss Engine Performance, Overhaul Removal& Installation


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download Removal (3.8l – vin k) 1. Release fuel system pressure. See fuel system pressure release . Clean the fuel rail assembly and connections. Disconnect the fuel feed pipe and return pipe at the fuel rail. See fuel line disconnect fittings . 2. Disconnect the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator. Remove the ignition coil wires. Disconnect the 6 injector electrical connectors. Remove the fuel rail hold-down bolts. Remove the fuel rai…

1989 Mercedes Benz 300SE Service and Repair Fuel Delivery and Air Induction Fuel Tank


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download WARNING: Observe fire safety precautions. 1. Disconnect the NEG. battery cable and insulate. 2. Remove the fuel filler cap and draw out all fuel. NOTE: The fuel tank capacity is approx. 24 gals. (90 liters). Fuel Tank View 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Remove the fuel filler neck cup seal (60/1). Remove the fuel tank partition wall at the front of the trunk. Detach the fuel gauge sending unit electrical connector. Disconnect the fuel supply…

1997 Mazda 626 Es Repair Manual Fuel Control, Ho2S Not Switching


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download Inspect engine for obvious defects in specified systems. Repair or replace as necessary. Dtc p0171 indicates air/fuel ratio is correcting rich for an overly lean condition. Dtc p0172 indicates air/fuel ratio is correcting lean for an overly rich condition. Possible causes are as follows: fuel system malfunction. Egr system malfunction. Air intake or vacuum system leak. Engine oil level too high. Excessive internal engine wear. Inspect…

1998 Mitsubishi Galant FUEL PUMP Removal & Installation Manual PDF


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Download FUEL PUMP Removal & Installation (Diamante, Eclipse, Galant & Montero) 1) Fuel pump assembly is located inside fuel tank. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE RELEASE. Remove access panel under seat, in trunk or in rear cargo area. Disconnect electrical connectors and fuel hoses at fuel tank. 2) Remove fuel filler hose from fuel tank. Remove fuel pump assembly. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten nuts to s…

2002 Jeep Wrangler CMP and CKP CMS description and testing. 4.0L


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download The Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP) on the 4.0L 6cylinder engine is bolted to the top of the oil pump drive shaft assembly. The sensor and drive shaft assembly is located on the right side of the engine near the oil filter. The CMP sensor contains a Hall effect device called a sync signal generator to generate a fuel sync signal. This sync signal generator detects a rotating pulse ring (shutter) on the oil pump drive shaft. The pulse ri…



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download WARNING:Fuel line spills and leakage from the pressurized fuel system aredangerous. Fuel can ignite and cause serious injury or death anddamage. To prevent this, complete the following inspection with theengine stopped.1. Follow “BEFORE SERVICE PRECAUTION” before performing any workoperations to prevent fuel from spilling from the fuel system. (See BEFORESERVICE PRECAUTION.) 2. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 3. Disconnect the q…

1997 Isuzu Rodeo S FUEL PUMP PRESSURE TEST Manual Repair


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download NOTE: 1. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE RELEASE . Install a fuel pressure gauge between fuel pressure regulator and fuel distributor pipe. See Fig. 1 . Bleed air from fuel line going to pressure gauge. 2. Unplug fuel pressure regulator Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV) connector on right side fender skirt. This is a 4-wire connector with Black and Blue wires in harness. PCM controls VSV to cut vacuum to fuel pressure regula…

Fuel Level Sensor Unit And Fuel Filter Removal Nissan Maxima GLE Fuel Pump 2003


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download Figuring out Fuel Pump, Fuel Level Sensor Unit And Gas Filter REMOVAL 1. Release gasoline pressure from gasoline line. Consult with FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE . 2. 3. 4. 5. Take away rear seat bottom. Remove inspection hole cover positioned below the rear seat. Disconnect electrical connector. Disconnect the short connectors. For disconnection of quick connectors, consult with step 6 of “Gasoline Tank Removing”. 6. Take away the six scr…