how to remove a front bumper on a 2005 ford focus

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2001 Ford Escort – Removal Engine


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download  2001 Ford Escort L4-121 2.0L SOHC VIN P SFI Special Tool(s) 1. Remove the hood. 2. WARNING: Do not smoke or carry lighted tobacco or open flame of any type when working on or near any fuel-related components. Highly flammable mixtures are always present and may be ignited. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury. Relieve the fuel system pressure. 3. Discharge the A/C system. 4. Remove the battery tray. 5….



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download 1. Open the hood. Fig. 39: View Of Bolts From Headlamp Assembly Courtesy of GENERAL MOTORS CORP. 2. Remove the bolts from the headlamp assembly. 3. Lift the headlamp assembly to unseat the tabs on the bottom and the edge of the fender. CAUTION: Refer to Halogen Bulb Caution in Cautions and Notices. IMPORTANT: Hold the headlamp to prevent damage to the headlamp or to the fascia. Page 1 of 17 LIGHTING SYSTEMS -2005 Chevrolet Malibu Page…



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download Cleaning procedure using a paper towel and grease remover or lacquer thinner, thoroughly clean area on car where the double face tape will come in contact with the painted surface. Do not allow thinner or cloth to remain on car too long as it can cause damage to the painted surface. Using either of the recommended adhesion promoters on a clean lint free cloth, apply a thin, uniform coating to the bonding surface, using the minimum amou…

2006 Mazda Tribute S Removal And Installation Rear Bumper Cover


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download 1. Remove the 6 rear splash shield bolts (3 each side). 2. Remove the 2 rear bumper cover to rear quarter panel screws (1 each side). 3. Remove the 4 pin-type retainers. 4. Remove the rear bumper cover. 1. Remove the screws. 2. Remove the bolts and the liftgate alignment bumpers. 3. Remove the rear bumper cover. 5. To install, reverse the removal procedure. When installing, be sure to position the rear bumper cover into the bumper slid…

2008 Mercury Mariner Rear Bumper Cover / Fascia Removal and Replacement Manual


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download BUMPER COVER – REAR Exploded View Removal and Installation 1. Remove the 2 rear bumper cover lower screws (1 each side). To install, tighten to 5 Nm (44 lb-in) . 2. Remove the 4 rear bumper cover center screws. 3. Remove the 2 rear bumper cover lower pushpins. 4. Remove the 2 rear splash shield-to-rear bumper cover screws (1 each side). 5. Remove the 2 rear bumper cover upper screws (1 each side). To install, tighten to 5 Nm (44 lb-in)…

2008 Honda Civic Removal/ Installation Rear Bumper


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download Rear bumper removal/installation note: 1. Remove the clips (a), screws (b, c), and bolts (d) securing the rear bumper (e). 2. Pull on the rear bumper (a) at the wheel arch areas to release it from the hooks (b) on the side spacers (c). 3. With the help of an assistant, while pulling the wheel arch portion away from the side spacer (a), pull the rear bumper to release the bumper from the hooks (b) on the side bracket (c). 4. With the he…

2002 Ford Focus L4-2.0L SOHC VIN P Front Door Latch


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download 1. Remove the front door trim panel. 2. Remove the side impact energy absorption panel. 3. Remove the screw (if equipped). 4. Detach the door latch remote control. -Detach the handle from the door panel. -Detach the door latch remote control. 5. Peel back the watershield. CAUTION: Do not touch the adhesive surface as re-bonding will be impaired. 6. Disconnect the door latch actuator electrical connector. 7. Remove the exterior door han…

1996 Nissan Datsun Maxima DOHC MFI (VQ30DE) Removal


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download 1. Drain engine oil. 2. Release fuel pressure. 3. Drain coolant by removing cylinder block drain plugs and radiator drain cock. NOTE: -Do not spill engine coolant on drive belts. 4. Remove left side ornament cover. 5. Remove air duct to intake manifold, collector, blow-by hose, vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, wires, harness and connectors. 6. Remove the following: -Vacuum hoses -Water hoses -EVAP canister purge hose -Blow-by hose 7. Remove R…



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download Page 1 WATER LEAKS AND/OR A/C CONDENSATION LEAKSTSB 05-13-3AT FRONT FLOOR AREA—SERVICE TIPS FORD:2000-2005 Focus This article supersedes TSB 02-25-1 to update the(1) If yes, proceed to Water Leak Testing vehicle model years and service procedure.and Water Inspection/Repair Procedure. ISSUE (2) If no, or customer is unsure, proceed Some 2000-2005 Focus vehicles may exhibit ato A/C Condensation Leak difficult to diagnose or difficult to…

Ford Focus 4 MSD Blaster -Tower Coil Pack PN 8241Manuals Guide


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download *IMPORTANT: Read instructions before attempting the installation. Parts Included: 1 – Blaster Ford 4-Tower Coil Pack 4 – Socket Head Cap Screws 4 – Aluminum Spacers 4 – Star Washers * *WARNING: During installation, disconnect the battery cables. When disconnecting the battery, always remove the Negative cable first and install it last. Note: If the Coil Pack is being installed on a ’99-’04 Ford Focus Zetec, the spark plug wires will re…