how to remove plastic rivets from mazda cx 5

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2001 Ford Escort – Removal Engine


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download  2001 Ford Escort L4-121 2.0L SOHC VIN P SFI Special Tool(s) 1. Remove the hood. 2. WARNING: Do not smoke or carry lighted tobacco or open flame of any type when working on or near any fuel-related components. Highly flammable mixtures are always present and may be ignited. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury. Relieve the fuel system pressure. 3. Discharge the A/C system. 4. Remove the battery tray. 5….

2004 Mazda 3 L4 Cold Air Intake Installation Guide Manuals


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Download 2004 Mazda 3 L4 Cold Air Intake Installation Removal of Factory Intake 1. 2. Pull upwards to remove the engine cover. Unclip the battery cover and remove, then disconnect the negative battery cable. Disengage the plastic rivet. Slide the battery cold air vent backwards and remove from the engine compartment. Disconnect the mass air sensor electrical connection. Depress the retaining clip and disconnect the rank case vent hose from the…

1996 Nissan Datsun Maxima DOHC MFI (VQ30DE) Removal


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download 1. Drain engine oil. 2. Release fuel pressure. 3. Drain coolant by removing cylinder block drain plugs and radiator drain cock. NOTE: -Do not spill engine coolant on drive belts. 4. Remove left side ornament cover. 5. Remove air duct to intake manifold, collector, blow-by hose, vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, wires, harness and connectors. 6. Remove the following: -Vacuum hoses -Water hoses -EVAP canister purge hose -Blow-by hose 7. Remove R…