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2000-2001 Volkswagen Golf/GTI Emergency Light Switch (Hazard Switch) Replace Manual


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download Section a – emergency light switch replacement • switch off all electrical consumers and remove key from ignition switch ⇐ emergency light switch -3- is the center switch in the instrument panel • to remove emergency light switch, the esp or asr switch -2- must be removed, and to remove the esp or asr switch, the seat heater switch – 1- must be removed ⇐ if an esp or asr switch -2- is located next to the emergency light switch, go to s…

1996 Jeep Cherokee Neutral Safety Switch: Service and Repair Automatic Manuals


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download REMOVAL 1. Raise vehicle. 2. Disconnect switch wire harness connector. 3. Pry washer lock tabs upward and remove switch attaching nut and tabbed washer. 4. Remove switch adjusting bolt. 5. Slide switch off manual valve shaft. INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect shift linkage rod from shift lever on left side of transmission. 2. Rotate manual shift lever all the way rearward. Then rotate lever forward two detent positions to Neutral. 3. Install

2000 Ford Truck Expedition 2WD Multifunction Switch Replacement


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download Record the radio stations and disconnect the battery ground cable.NOTE:Steps 2 and 3 do not apply to Villager. Go to Step 4.2.Turn the ignition switch lock cylinder to the RUN position. Then, push the ignition switch lock cylinder release tab with a punch while pulling outthe ignition switch lock cylinder.3.Remove the tilt wheel handle by turning the handle counterclockwise (if equipped).4.Remove the upper to lower steering column shro…



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and stud. 12. Remove the accelerator cable bracket. 13. Remove the ignition coil bracket studs. 14. Remove the ignition coil and bracket 15. Remove the ignition coil bolts/nuts. 16. Remove the ignition coil from the brackets. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. Install the brackets to either side of the ignition coil. NOTE: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions. 2. Install the ignition coil bolts/nuts. Tighten the bolts/nuts to 3.5 N.m (31 lb in)…

1990-1998 GM Cadillac Deville Ignition Lock Cylinder REMOVAL & INSTALLATION


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3.6.Install the inflatable restraint steering wheel module coil. Install the steering wheel.7.Deville, Fleetwood, Eldorado and SevilleDisable the SIR system as follows:Disconnect the negative battery cable.1.Turn the ignition switch OFF .2.Remove the SIR fuse. On 1990 Deville and Fleetwood, remove SIR fuse No. 3 from the fusepanel. On 1991-93 Deville and Fleetwood, remove SIR fuse No. 18 from the fuse panel. On1990-91 Eldorado and Seville, remove…

Mercedes-Benz Automated Transmission AGS Bleeding and Recalibration


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…eed screw. Insert a clear hose onto the bleed valve on the bell housing. Remove the reservoir cap and place the other end of the hose inside the hydraulic reservoir. IMPORTANT: Do not start the engine. 4. Turn on the ignition switch and put the transmis- sion into 1st gear. 5. Slowly open the bleed screw. Allow the hydraulic fluid to circulate until no air bubbles are visible and the fluid is clear. 6. Tighten the bleed screw 13 lbf·ft (17 N·m). 7….

Service Procedure 2000-2002 Saab 9-3 (9400) 4D/5D; 2000-2003 Saab 9-3 (9400) CV


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download 1. Remove the ground cable from the battery’s negative terminal. 2. Apply the handbrake brake. 3. Detach the floor console. 4. Remove the switch and the floor console: 3.1. Twist loose the immobilizer unit (A), bayonet fitting. Unplug the unit’s connector. 3.2. Remove the ignition switch cover (B) by first undoing the rear edge of the cover and then unhooking the front edge. Unplug the ignition switch lighting connector. 3.3. Undo the…



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ce high tension wire. 5. Turn ignition on. Check for battery voltage at igniter and ignition coil positive terminal. If battery voltage exists, go to next step. If battery voltage does not exist, check wiring between ignition switch, ignition coil and igniter. See appropriate wiring diagram in L – WIRING DIAGRAMS article. 6. Check ignition coil resistance. See IGNITION COIL RESISTANCE under IGNITION CHECKS (DISTRIBUTOR TYPE IGNITION SYSTEM). If i…

2002 Lincoln Continental Ignition Coil REMOVAL INSTALLATION MANUAL PDF


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e spark plug cover. 5. Take away the LH ignition Coils. 1 Disconnect the connectors from the ignition coils. 2 Remove the ignition coils from the spark plugs. 6. Inspect the ignition coil for cracks, carbon tracking and dirt. INSTALLATION 1. Take away the prevailing sealant within the “T” joints shaped by the spark plug cowl, wiring harness grommet and the cam cover on both sides of the engine. 2. Set up the LH ignition coils. 1 Install the ignit…

2006 Suzuki Forenza Park/ Neutral Start Switch Removal and Installation Manual


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download Park/Neutral Start Switch Removal and Installation Removal 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Disconnect the park/neutral position switch electrical connector. 3. Disconnect the shift control cable and the retaining clip. 4. Remove the shift lever nut and the shift lever. 5. Remove the park/neutral start switch. Installation Tools Required: DW260- 050 P/N Switch Installer 1. Install the park/neutral start switch. Tighten the…