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2006 Saab 9-7X Service Engine Soon (SES) Light On/Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) (DTC) P0300, P0171 and P0174


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1997 Chevrolet Chevy K Pickup Circuit High Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 1 DTC P0152 HO2S


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download 1 important: before clearing dtcs, use the scan tool in order to record the freeze frame and the failure records for reference. This data will be lost when the clear dtc information function is used. Was the powertrain on-board diagnostic (obd) system check performed? — go to step 2 go to powertrain on board diagnostic (obd) system check 2 1. Connect the scan tool. 2. Run the engine at the normal operating temperature. 3. Place the veh…

1997 Mazda 626 Es Repair Manual Fuel Control, Ho2S Not Switching


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download Inspect engine for obvious defects in specified systems. Repair or replace as necessary. Dtc p0171 indicates air/fuel ratio is correcting rich for an overly lean condition. Dtc p0172 indicates air/fuel ratio is correcting lean for an overly rich condition. Possible causes are as follows: fuel system malfunction. Egr system malfunction. Air intake or vacuum system leak. Engine oil level too high. Excessive internal engine wear. Inspect…

LM7, L59 or L33 Engines with Cold Start Rough or Incorrect Idle, Misfire, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)


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ncorrect idle speed. Usually this occurs throughout chilly winter months, on cold engine starts. Some autos could have been previously serviced for the same condition. Technicians may find the next DTCs saved with the Tech 2® P0131, P0133, P0134, P0137, P0138, P0140, P0151, P0153, P0154, P0157, P1133, which may be along with P0171, P0174, P0300 and P1138. Trigger Water shock happens when water droplets are current within the exhaust. The water wi…

2005 Chevrolet Chevy K Silverado Auto Door Locks Disabling


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download Use the following procedure to disable the auto door locks on the models listed below: 2007-2008 cadillac escalade, escalade esv, escalade ext 2007-2008 chevrolet avalanche, silverado (new body style), suburban, tahoe 2007-2008 gmc sierra (new body style), yukon, yukon denali, yukon xl, yukon denalI xl reprogram the bcm with updated calibrations currently available in tis2web. In some rare instances, the calibrations may not be availab…

Vehicles Equipped with a Webasto Sunroof System Manual PDF


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GMC 4L80E, MT1 and 4L85E, MN8 Simplified Valve Body Reconditioning Instructions


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1993-1997 Timing belt replacement intervals Peugeot 306


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download Removal 1. Increase and help front of vehicle. 2. Take away: RH front wheel. Engine undershield (if fitted). Decrease interior wing panel. Auxiliary drive belt(s). 307: Engine tie-bars. Crankshaft pulley [1] . Timing belt higher cover [2] . Timing belt centre cowl [3] . Timing belt lower cover [4] . 3. Flip crankshaft to setting position. Insert timing pins in camshaft sprocket and flywheel [5] & [6] . 4. Slacken tensioner nut to r…

1997-1999 Buick Century/Regal 99-2001 AW-200GM INSTALLATION MANUALS


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download BUICK Century 1997-99 LeSabre 1995-99 1 Park Avenue 1995-99 Regal 1995-99 Riviera 1996-99 Roadmaster 1995-96 Skylark 1996-98 CHEVROLET Impala 2000 Venture 2000 OLDSMOBILE Achieva 1996-98 Aurora 1995-99 Bravada 1998-99 Cutlass 1998-99 Cutlass Supreme 1995-97 Eighty-Eight 1994-99 Intrigue 1998-99 LSS 1996-99 Ninety-Eight 1994-96 Regency 1997-98 Silhouette 2000 PONTIAC Montana 2000 Sunfire 2000. BUICK LeSabre / Park Avenue 1995-99 Disconn…

2007–2008 MIL On With DTC P0171 or P0172 Air Intake Acura MDXs


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download Received a vehicle in your store with the MIL on and both DTC P0171 (fuel system too lean) or DTC P0172 (gas system too wealthy)? Verify to see if the vehicle has an aftermarket air intake system. If it does, you’ve in all probability discovered the culprit. Aftermarket air intake methods can throw off the MAF sensor, causing either of these DTCs to set. Even worse, they will cause serious engine harm, which isn’t covered by warranty!…