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2001 Buick Regal Power Steering Pump Replacement


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download Removal Procedure 1. Place a drain pan under the vehicle. 2. Remove the accessory drive belt. Refer to Drive Belt Replacement in Engine. 3. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting. 4. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Refer to Tire and Wheel Removal and Installation. 5. Remove the power steering pressure hose from the power steering pump. Refer to Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement. 6. Remove the power steering

1999 Cadillac DeVille Power Steering Pump Replacement


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download REMOVAL PROCEDURE1. Remove the drive belt. 2. Drain the power steering fluid from the reservoir. 3. Disconnect the return pipe from the reservoir. 4. Remove the pressure pipe from, the pump.5. Remove the pump mounting bolt. 6. Remove the pump, reservoir, pulley and bracket assembly from the vehicle 7. Remove the pump and reservoir assembly (2) from the bracket (1). 8. Remove the pulley (3) from the pump. 9. Remove the retaining clips t…



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Download 2007-2009 Mazda3 HEAVY STEERING EFFORT the steering effort is hard or heavy with power steering malfunction indicator lamp illumination and DTC C1099 [ELECTRO HYDRAULIC POWER ASSIST STEERING (EHPAS)] stored in memory. This problem is caused by contamination of the system from such things as corrosion getting inside the power steering line, sticking in the power steering pump, and lowering the revolution speed. The system then goes into…

1998 Ford Mustang Removal Water Pump


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…ooling fan motor, fan blade (8600) and fan shroud (8146) meeting as described in Section 03-03. 5. Rotate drive belt tensioner (6B209) . Remove drive belt (8620) . Check with Part 03-05. 6. Take away retaining bolts and water pump pulley (8509) . 7. Remove energy steering pump pulley (3A733) and remove water pump-to-energy steering pump brace. 8. Take away bolt and nuts retaining ignition coil (12029) and bracket. Place out of the way. 9. Remove…

Ford Taurus 2004 Removal and Installation Power Steering Pump-3.0L


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download Ford Taurus 2004  Removal and Installation Power Steering Pump-3.0L : 1. Rotate the tensioner clockwise and take away the belt from the ability steering pump pulley. 2. Loosen the becoming and disconnect the ability steering stress hose. 3. Disconnect the electrical connector. 4. Disconnect the facility steering return line. 5. Utilizing the particular device, remove the facility steering pump pulley. 6. Remove the power steering pum…

2001 Saab 9-3 L4-2.0L Turbo Service and Repair


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…Page 3 Cut the 2 cable ties securing the main engine cables. Relieve the strain on the belt tensioner with a ratchet handle and secure the belt tensioner with a 3.5 mm drill or similar. 7. Lift the belt off the power steering pump and coolant pump pulleys. 8. Remove the top engine cover. 9. Detach the crankcase ventilation pipe from the turbo inlet pipe and camshaft cover. Bend the pipe, to one side. Keep seals and washers safe. 10. Unplug the so…



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download Fig. 28: Identifying Energy Steering Reservoir Outlet Hose At Energy Steering Pump 1. Remove the entrance air deflector. Consult with Air Deflector Replacement – Entrance in Body Front End. 2. Place a drain pan underneath the vehicle. 3. Take away the ability steering pulley. Confer with Power Steering Pulley Replacement. 4. Take away the facility steering reservoir outlet hose from the ability steering pump. Fig. 29: Figuring out Powe…

2000 Mercedes Benz S 500 Steering – Squealing Noises When Turning


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of Lubrizol 6178 maybe added. Follow below steps to add additive Lubrizol 6178 into steering oil: 1. Check whether Lubrizol has already been added. This can be verified by a yellow dot on the steering gear and power steering pump housings. 2. If Lubrizol has already been added, repair the vehicle per DTB P-B-46.20/25a dated March 27, 2006. 3. Ensure steering system is brought up to operating temperature (approx. 80 deg C). 4. Suction off 50 ml o…

Acura TL 2008 Power Steering Moans or Whines During Cold Start-Up


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download SYMPTOM A moan or whine is heard when turning the steering wheel when the engine is cold. There may be air bubbles or foam in the energy steering reservoir. The noise often goes away when the engine warms up. PROBABLE CAUSE Air is coming into the facility steering pump through the inlet joint O-ring. This causes bubbles to kind within the energy steering fluid, leading to lowered pump performance. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the O-ring o…

1999 Mercury Cougar Power Steering Pump to Steering Gear Pressure Line REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION


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on, seek advice from Section 303-05. 15. Lower the vehicle. 16. Detach the coolant hose clamp. 17. Detach the coolant expansion tank. Position the tank to 1 side. 18. Utilizing the special device, remove the facility steering pump pulley. 19. Disconnect the ability steering pump high-pressure tube union. Enable the fluid to empty into an acceptable container. Incoming search terms: how to remove puwer steering hose for 1999 mercury cougar,how to…