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2002 Cadillac DeVille V8-4.6L VIN Y Removal Manual


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acket and heater pipe aside. 5. Take away the Magnasteer wire from the retaining clip. 6. Disconnect the grasp cylinder brake pipe retainers from the aspect rail. Important: Supporting the brake pipes above the body side rail is critical whereas eradicating the transaxle as a way to stop pinching of the brake pipes. 7. Take away the brake pipe retainers from the side rail and utilizing mechanics wire, support the brake pipes above the aspect rail…

2002 Lincoln LS Fluid A/T Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Fluid Level Check Manual PDF


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download Special Software(s) Fluid Fill Reference NOTE: The left side of case is shown. The fill plug is on the proper aspect of the extension housing. Verify 1. Utilizing the scan software (WDS), monitor the transmission fluid temperature (TFT) utilizing PID: TFT. 2. Begin the vehicle. 3. Engine idle velocity should be approximately at 650 rpm. Run engine till the recommended TFT is between 27°C and forty nine°C (eighty°F – one hundred twenty°…

Ford Escape 3.0L 2001-2005 Installations Instructions Unstable Idle


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download ISSUE Some 2001-2005 Escape vehicles equipped with a 3.0L engine could exhibit idle speeds outside the desired range. Some 2001-2003 Escape automobiles outfitted with a 3.0L engine and CD4E automatic transaxle might exhibit a transmission shudder. ACTION Observe the Service Procedure steps to appropriate the condition. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. If the concern is a 2001-2005 Escape with idle speeds outside the required range: a. Install a ne…

1999 Hyundai Elantra GLS Sedan Manual Transmission/Transaxle Removal and Installation


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t roll stopper mounting bolts. Remove the rear roll stopper mounting bolts. Remove the center member from the body. Remove the bell housing cover. NOTE: When supporting the transaxle assembly, make sure that the lifting force is applied to a wide area, not to a small localized area….

2001 Ford Escort – Removal Engine


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the A/C manifold and tube spring lock coupling at the accumulator/drier. 28. Disconnect the A/C manifold and tube spring lock coupling at the condenser. 29. Remove the accessory drive belt, the auto tensioner and, if vehicle is equipped with A/C, the accessory drive belt idler. 30. Suction out the power steering fluid from the power steering reservoir. 31. NOTE: Position a drain pan under the power steering reservoir. Disconnect the power steeri…

2004 Dodge Truck RAM 1500 Manual Transmission/ Transaxle Removal Manual


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download REMOVAL 1. Disconnect battery negative cable. 2. Shift transmission into Neutral. 3. Remove shift boot bezel screws and slide boot upward on shift lever extension. 4. Remove shift lever extension from the shift tower and lever assembly. 5. Raise vehicle on hoist. 6. Remove skid plate, if equipped. 7. Drain lubricant if transmission will be disassembled for service. 8. Mark propeller shaft/shafts and companion flange yoke/yokes for inst…

2002 Saturn SL2 A/T – 2nd to 3rd Gear Shift Flare Manual


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download Automated Transaxle 2-three Shift Flare During First Minutes of Driving After Chilly Soak (Perform Bulletin Process) Models: 2002 Saturn S-Series Vehicles with Automatic Transaxle (RPOs MP6, MP7) Consideration: General Manager, Fastened Operations Supervisor, Components Manager, Technician Situation: Some prospects of 2002 S-series vehicles with MP6 or MP7 computerized transaxles may comment on a 2-three shift flare throughout the firs…

2002 Mercury Sable Automatic Transmission/ Transaxle Tune-Up Diagnose Manual Repair


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download Consists of: R&R Trans Pan, Service Filter And Make All Needed Adjustments. Diagnose/Test AX4N/4F50N Oil Leak, Analysis Includes: Clear And Dry Outdoors Of Case And Working Unit To Determine Point Of Leakage. Transaxle, Diagnosis Consists of: Time To Hook-Up And Disconnect Test Equipment. Checking System For Fault Codes, Street Check And Hydraulic Strain Take a look at As Required. AXOD-E, AX4S Oil Leak, Prognosis Contains: Clear A…

1995 Honda Civic Automatic Service and Repair Manual Transmission/ Transaxle


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s code number before: – – – – disconnecting the battery. Removing the no.32 (7.5 a) fuse from the under-hood fuse/relay box. Removing the radio. After service, reconnect power to the radio and turn it on. When the word “code” is displayed, enter the customer’s 5-digit code to restore radio operation. 1. Disconnect the battery negative (~) and positive (~) cables from the battery. 2. Remove the resonator, intake air duct and air cleaner housing. 3…

2002 Isuzu Truck Axiom Service and Repair Manual


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download 2002 Isuzu Truck Axiom 2WD V6-3.5L Vehicle Stage Transmission and Drivetrain Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Fluid – A/T Service and Repair. Altering Transmission Fluid There is no such thing as a want to change the transmission fluid unless the transmission is used below a number of of the following heavy responsibility conditions. A. Repeated short journeys B. Driving on rough roads C. Driving on dusty roads D. Towing a trailer If t…